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Car Consignment

To establish a current market value on your vehicle, we will contact our network of wholesalers and dealers to obtain bids on your vehicle. In addition we will look at the value guides as well to see if they are in line with the market. We will combine this information and this will give us a wholesale value. This will be a worst-case scenario in case you elect to cash out on your vehicle. Our goal on consignment will be to net you $800 to $1,000 more than those wholesale bids by marketing your vehicle for you and taking the hassle out of selling it on your own. We are compensated with anything over and above what we are trying to net you. If we receive an offer on your vehicle that is going to affect your net dollar, you will get a phone call on it and you will have final say. We will offer your car for sale on CarSoup.com , Carsforsale.com, Craigslist as well as our own Web site. We will field any leads and represent your vehicle from the start of the transaction till the end. We will handle all paperwork, title work and payoffs on your vehicle to assure you that things are handled properly. In addition we can take trades and offer financing to a potential buyer.

Because we have a responsibility to the people who buy cars through our consignment service, we only sell cars that are in good condition. Therefore, part of our consignment process is to inspect your car. If we find something wrong, we can have it repaired or present you with other options. If you don't want the expense of repairs, we can revisit our wholesale network and rebid the vehicle noting the issues.

What is the charge for this service? We charge a consignment fee of just $175. This is your only cash out of pocket. This includes inspection of the vehicle, detailing if needed, keeping the car clean while it is here, taking and uploading pictures while advertising on Car Soup, Craigslist, Carsforsale.com and our Website. The time, bother, and risk you save more than make up for these very modest fees.